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1. God&Satan by Biffy Clyro
2. Warm Body by Wild Child
3. Wrapped in Piano Strings by Radical Face
4. No Way by The Naked and Famous
5. Crazy for You by Best Coast
6. French Navy by Camera Obscura
7. Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard
8. Piano Song by Meiko
9. Kill the Director by The Wombats
10. Either Way by Beta Radio
11. The Shadows by Peter and Kerry
12. Brokenhearted by Karmin
13. Hey Mama by Mat Kearney
14. Easy to Love by Ivan and Alyosha
15. Plage by Crystal Fighters
16. Love Lost by The a Temper Trap
17. Fresh Feeling by Eels
18. Nobody’s Girl by Reckless Kelly
19. We Are Gonna Be Friends by Bright Eyes feat. First Aid Kit
20. Trees by The Oh Hello’s

My shuffle did not fail me today!!

I’m not tagging because so many of you have already done it, but if you haven’t, show us what you love to listen to!!!

There’s only one girl left to have her baby and then it’s my turn. She’s actually due the day before me, but they’re inducing her a week early.

I’ve decided he’s a nice baby and wants to wait until I have everything ready ready for him. So I just need to wash his diapers and pack my hospital bag and we’re golden.

I bought the very last thing we needed to have before he was born. A Moby wrap. Anything from here on out is strictly a want because for the time being I don’t NEED anything.

I’m obsessed with baby shoes. He’s got some really cute ones, but I… Ahem,
I mean HE… needs MORE!!!

I have no desire to finish the quilt I started for him, nor start the second one I was planning, but I suppose I will at least finish the first if for no other reason than being able to eat at the dinner table again. Hopefully he doesn’t wait for me to finish that too before he can make an appearance.

I’ve got a month left, but that’d be cool (and I’d be so grateful) if he showed up in the next week or two.

Since I started a job with a commute of over an hour and I can’t leave until 5 usually Eric has been cooking dinner. Except that today I got off early and so I guess I have to cook dinner. But it turns out that Eric is a much better cook than I am so I’m sad that I have to do it tonight.

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