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I do have a milk man!

We have a farmers market at a park down the street every Saturday and one day we wondered in whilst waiting for the diaper store to open and we were “attacked” by this woman selling milk. Not really attacked, she just kinda scooped us up because she was nervous no one had stopped at her booth yet. I personally don’t like milk, but Eric said it was the best milk he’s ever tasted and she gave me some apple juice that happened to be the best apple juice I’ve ever tasted. Turns out the ingredients were juice from an apple and… That’s it! Anyway, the milk comes from a local dairy in Denver and I still want to take a tour of this dairy to make sure they’re treating their animals appropriately, but Eric says I can’t do that. But we’ll see! I’m also unsure how much it’s costing us a month since this is our first month, but he says the milk is waaay better than the kind from the grocery and it HAS to be fresher just because of where it comes from (only an hour away!) so I’m good with it.


“Women can’t go out in skimpy clothing and be surprised when they’re raped! That’s like leaving your front door open and being surprised when you’re robbed!”

you’re comparing property to a human being

you’re comparing property to a human being

you’re comparing property to a human being

you’re comparing property to a human being

And also, just because I leave my front door open/unlocked I don’t expect to be robbed. I expect you to use your fucking brain and the good senses your mother gave you and have respect for other people’s property and NOT TOUCH IT BECAUSE IT’S NOT YOURS!!! Sheesh!

I just spied on the milk man making his delivery and I changed my order this week, but he grabbed the original order out of the truck and came all the way up stairs only to find out it was changed and he let out a big sigh so I kinda feel bad for changing it on him. But I’m sure it happens quite a bit and shouldn’t he check the order form before he brings an order out of his truck? I mean I just wanted a half gallon of milk instead of a full gallon and I wanted to try their butter this week so it’s not like either the original or the changed order was really huge.

I don’t know. I’m just trying to justify myself because I feel bad.



#PREACH #milso

Oh look it’s another special snowflake!
You’re not more entitled to miss your s/o then they are. Time apart is time apart. Get over yourself.

^^^ this!

Plus girlfriends ain’t shit! Try being a spouse with at least one child who’s acting out because they miss their daddy or just a spouse with kids in general who has to handle everything alone. Some of them have rough times.

I still agree that time apart is time apart though. Just because you’re in different situations doesn’t make you more or less entitled to miss your SO.

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