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Zeb is an early riser. Today we woke up at 230 just because. I finally went back to sleep at 630, but then woke up at 8 when Eric got home from PT so I could make him breakfast/eat breakfast with him.

I’m tired.

That smile gave me a headache.

I painted that picture behind me.

I think that’s all. Today I’m going to watch Switched at Birth and starting sewing Zeb’s quilt. Should be fun.


Anonymous asked:

Maybe if you gave it to your brother it would be the start of being more involved?

It could be. That’s a good insight.

The thing with my brother is he hates me. I wouldn’t go as far as hate now, he probably never thinks of me at this point. He grew up hating me though and was always very mean and cruel no matter how nice I tried to be. He’s not completely at fault, I was also mean to him (we’re less than 2 years apart, with me being older), but the times I WAS nice I was still met with meanness.

He even went so far as to tell my mom that my kids would be the devil. What he said was: “the world isn’t ready for kids with hooves and horns yet.” My mom tries to spin it into something nice and reminds me that Puck (from A Midsummer’s Night Dream) had hooves and horns and he wasn’t the devil, but let’s be honest, Shaye isn’t very literary and I doubt he even knows who Puck is. He was clearly referencing devils.

His daughter is decked out in unicorns. Her nursery is unicorns, she has at least 4 unicorn stuffies that I’ve seen in pictures on Facebook. It’s unicorn central over there! Which is why I thought of them.

But! My niece is almost a year old and I saw her one time when she was a month old, my mom has only seen her two or three times, and my nana just met her for the first time this month. We’re a very close family and my brother seems to have kind of ditched us and taken up with his girlfriends family. Granted they do live closer to her family, but only like an hour from mine so that’s not really any excuse. I, however, live a thousand miles away from everyone now and really don’t see a relationship being forged with his little family.

So, if I give it to my niece I’ll never see it and I’ll never hear about it, but I might see a picture of it in a toy bin on Facebook someday. If I give it to my cousin and her new baby I’ll probably be able to see it being enjoyed and played with.

I don’t know, it turns out to a very selfish way to decide who it will go to in the end.

My friend made this adorable unicorn and I bought it from her etsy shop, but now I don’t know who to give it to. It was too cute, I had to have it.

My cousin (in law) is about to have a baby girl in 9ish days so she was my original thought, but my brother’s girlfriend has my niece like decked out in unicorns and I know she would love it!! But I don’t know who would appreciate it more and I never talk to my brother and I’ve only met my niece once and I think I’ll have more of a relationship with my cousin and her baby since she and Zeb are only going to be a month apart and I just don’t know!

Life is rough, man. I wish I was more into unicorns so I could just keep it for myself.






So if a teenager is at school for roughly 8 hours, and they are doing homework for 6+ hours, and they need AT LEAST 9 HOURS OF SLEEP FOR THEIR DEVELOPING BRAINS, then they may have 0-1 hours for other activities like eating, bathing, exercise, socializing (which is actually incredibly important for emotional, mental, and physical health, as well as the development of skills vital to their future career and having healthy romantic relationships among other things), religious activities, hobbies, extra curriculars, medical care of any kind, chores (also a skill/habit development thing and required by many parents), relaxation, and family time?  Not to mention that your parents may or may not pressure you to get a job, or you might need to get one for economic reasons.

I will never not reblog this

"…but teenagers have no reason to be stressed."

I’ll tell you what. I NEVER had 6 hours of homework in high school. I never had much more than two or three hours of homework for ALL of my classes. So… Yeah.

Some things.

I had breakfast with everyone Eric works with this morning and I guess one of the girls told another girl (who wasn’t there, but is also pregnant) that I didn’t even look pregnant. I think that’s crazy because I look like a hot air balloon, but I am small for 8.5 months (so I’ve been told). Anyway, I’m one of those stupid girls who’s always in silent competition with other girls because I’m stupid so in my head the other pregnant girl is jealous because she’s big at 19 weeks (I haven’t actually seen her for a while so I don’t know) and I “don’t even look pregnant”. I’m petty, whatever. At least if she does have a big baby she’ll have a better time than me with my small guy.

I bought a Medela breast pump today for $125 and it retails for $400. The lady I bought it from got it to try to stimulate her own milk production when she adopted a baby and it didn’t work out. I got a helluva deal!!

Yesterday I saw a cyclist who only had one leg and he was cycling with only one leg. He had a prosthetic, but it wasn’t attached. If that guy can ride a bike with only one leg I can do anything. I have been inspired.

I have to get up at 445 and be on the road by 530 for drill tomorrow. The armory is 75 miles away. Who’s idea was it to join a unit in Denver again?! Oy.

I should really go to sleep.

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