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My BFF had her baby last week and today I’m going up to her house to visit again so I made her family dinner for tonight so she wouldn’t have to deal. My plan was to make dinner for both our families and split it and take half to her and save the other half to warm up tonight, but the recipe I used didn’t yield very much like I thought it would so I’m just giving it all to them. But now I’m sad because it’s a new recipe I found and I was really looking forward to it tonight.

Since I have a few days for Teen Mom I decided to watch 16 and Pregnant. Why? I don’t know. I just like trashy tv, I guess.

First episode: this girl gets pregnant from a rebound hook up that she met on Facebook and knew for only a single hour and was surprised that he didn’t believe that he was the father. Well, duh, girlfrannn! If you slept with him after only an hour of knowing him who’s to say you’re not running around doing that all the time? I’m not bashing here. What she did is no different than going home with someone in a bar. You do you, I’m all for it! I’m just saying don’t be surprised if the dude doesn’t believe you and acts distant.

Fast forward eight months and her mom sits her down to talk about the plan after the baby comes and tells her she can stay home for a month afterwards, but then they’ve got to go. And she cries basically saying it’s not her fault she’s pregnant. I mean, those words never came out of her mouth, but that’s basically what was happening. But her mom stuck her ground and said you’re either going to the baby daddy house or your father’s house, pick your choice.

THEN her dad catches wind that she’s moving in with a stranger and drives across state lines to talk to this girl and makes it very clear that he wants her at his house. He’s not pushy, but just letting her know she’s so way more than welcome. And she says well I’m not anywhere attracted to this kid, but I’m going to live with him.

And THEN after baby daddy’s parents remodel their house and spend a ton of money she changes her mind and wants to live with her dad!

This girl needs to get her shit together. Like she’s pissing me off, but the worse part of the whole thing was when she was crying to her mom about she didn’t plan this, blah blah blah. I guess I just have no sympathy for teen pregnancy when they act like this girl instead of taking responsibility for themselves. You KNOW how babies get made! If you want to avoid the situation, then either don’t have sex or at least protect yourself!!

Plus this girl has messed up eyebrows and the front part of her hair is shaved and that’s just weird to me.

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